Generator Sets Manufacturer

For continuous, synchronous or standby operation

PESTE 1 000 000 kW produsi

by GNS and ECOPOWER Generator Sets - custom by Irmas

Despre companie

In 2011, based on over 14 years of experience in the field of generator sets, we decided to establish the first "custom made" company, a company dedicated to the production of customized generator sets, specially designed, tested and configured for the applications and requirements of its partners. Thus was born IRMAS GRUP SRL, a company that has perfected the production of "custom made - by IRMAS" Generator Sets, the GNS and ECOPOWER models under the IRMAS brand, in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) factories in Europe and Asia.

The services offered as well as the reliability of the GNS and ECOPOWER - by IRMAS Generator Sets are a priority for us, for this reason, our partners benefit from the entire technical support and advisory services necessary in the configuration and choice of the generators. Depending on the requirements and technical characteristics needed in each application, the generator set is customized, it can be simple - equipped only with a motor and alternator or can be extremely complex with special shelter, synchronous starting systems, and even hybrid.

We are a competent and reliable manufacturer in the implementation of solutions for power supply, based on generator sets with continuous operation or for back-up, in case there are interruptions in the national electricity network.

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