Social responsibility and environment

Social responsibility and the environment:

       Market regulations and changes, and by co-opting and involving the entire team, we try to anticipate and prevent possible evolutionary trends. We contribute together to the main goal: permanently ensuring the effectiveness of the integrated quality management system and of other management systems (environment, health and safety at work, etc.) through the activity carried out, through the services and products offered in order to meet the needs and expectations our partners, analyzing and supervising the impact of the activity on the environment, by complying with all legal requirements and provisions.

       IRMAS has developed strategies and behaviors that allow ensuring the production of goods services and the implementation of projects in order to comply with the regulations in force. For this reason, our company performs internal audits with dedicated staff and with the help of external certification bodies that fully monitor the compliance with environmental conditions.

IRMAS has defined and approved the following principles of action, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and is committed:

  To understand, analyze and adapt the company to the needs, expectations and requirements of customers, ensuring that related products and services fully comply with environmental conditions

To protect the environment through responsible use of resources, conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems

To identify, evaluate and control the environmental aspects due to the activity, products and services, taking into account those that can be controlled and influenced from all sides, from the perspective of the life cycle


To stimulate the creativity and training of employees, as well as the ethics of teamwork, enhancing the company's image

To develop products and to provide services in accordance with established internal procedures, contractual obligations and compliance obligations arising from applicable laws and regulations, which continuously ensure conformity assessment and the correction of possible identified deviations

To proactively adopt an attitude of continuous improvement of the integrated management system, aimed at improving its environmental performance

       IRMAS assumes responsibility for promoting and maintaining the environmental policy, by informing all employees and making it available to all interested parties.